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Olaplex Services

Getting fuller, shiny hair sometimes comes at a cost. Color correction, bleach, thermal reconditioning, hair extensions, perm, highlights, heat styling: so many new techniques have been introduced for helping us achieve the desired look and style, which in return often damage your hair as well. At Natural Creations Salon, we use only the best techniques and products for treating your hair to ensure its health and wellbeing, like Olaplex.


What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a kind of hair color and repair treatment that has been getting a lot of buzz in the hair care industry since it hit the market. Its products are available in different forms and are mostly added to hair color and lightening services for best results. It fortifies the bonds of your hair, making them healthier and stronger, while the color lasts longer than any conventional methods or products.

Olaplex is applied through a three step service that gives your hair beautiful, natural color. Its special formula also effectively repairs broken bonds during the lightening process. After the Olaplex treatment, your hair will feel healthier, shinier, and softer, and will remain frizz free for months.

At Natural Creations Salon, our seasoned hair colorists are savvy of Olaplex hair products and treatments, and are capable of applying them on all types of hair. We add this cutting-edge hair strengthening composition to your hair lightener, dye or bleach mix to ensure the results exceed your expectations. We also provide Olaplex products to customers who are fond of styling and coloring their hair themselves at home.


Want to Know more About Olaplex?

Are you having difficulty in figuring out where to buy Olaplex? If yes, head down to Natural Creations Salon as we have all kinds of Olaplex in Toronto. For more information about Olaplex products, book an appointment today by filling an online form or contacting one of our three salons.

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