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Ombré/Balayage Hair

Looking to get an ombre look to rock at the upcoming party or special event? Ombre hair coloring offers limitless options to paint your hair in whichever way you want. The hair world borrowed the word “ombre” from French, which means graduating color or shading. At Natural Creations Salon, we specialize in applying ombre hair color and help you pick the best color/shade that will allow you to achieve the desired look. With this technique, the only limit is your imagination for transforming your hair color.


What Is Ombre Hair Coloring?

It is a process in which a hair colorist applies color starting from the root of your hair to its tip while gradually shifting from a darker shade to a lighter one or between colors. They are basically stark lines making it quite apparent where the transition is starting from. Depending on your preference, the shift can be drastic, like from brown to white blond, or it can be subtle, keeping intact the natural look. You can opt for ombre highlights regardless of the type or texture of your hair.


Natural Creations Salon has hair coloring professionals known for crafting trendsetting ombre hair designs. Our expert hair colorists will first probe through your hair to determine whether getting an ombre is the right option for you. We will hear out what you have in mind and come up with the best possible solution for a more beautiful hair look.


Should you get an Ombre?

Whether you are looking for red, brown, or blonde ombre hair, or want to know about short hair ombre coloring, you can get in touch with us for recommendations. We are just a call or email away! For booking an appointment, you may fill an online form or contact one of our three salons.

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